Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process through which the people involved in conflict sit down with certified mediators to resolve their disputes. The mediators help create an agenda of topics to be discussed. The parties then negotiate with the intention of finding a solution that is both doable and durable.

Types of Disputes We Mediate

  • Family disputes such as:
    • Division of Property, Parenting Plans, Parent-teen conflict
  • Landlord-tenant*
  • Neighbor
  • Workplace
  • Small Claims

*The Eviction Resolution Pilot Program RCW 59.18.660 ended on June 30, 2023.
Neutral Ground DRC is offering FREE MEDIATION SERVICES to tenants and landlords after June 30, 2023 for any type of housing dispute pre or post-filing including rent repayment, lease violations, move-out plans, and more. Please contact us for more information..

How does it work?

Neutral Ground uses a three step process in our mediation cases. Intake interview – A brief conversation to collect contact information for all participants and determine the appropriateness of the case for mediation. Our fee schedule is based on a sliding scale and will be discussed with you at this time. Scheduling – Once all pertinent information has been gathered and reviewed and all parties have agreed to participate in mediation, an appointment will be offered.**

Mediation – Two mediators will be present with the involved parties.

The mediators explain their roles, the roles of the involved parties, and the process of mediation. Each party will be given the opportunity to talk about the dispute from their perspective, without interruption. Our goal is to encourage a neutral agreement leading to a reasonable solution. Once an agreement is reached, it is documented and given to all parties and can be legally enforced, if necessary.

**A $25.00 non-refundable deposit will be due to secure an appointment slot. This $25.00 will be applied to your total fee for services.

***Shuttle and virtual options for mediation may also be offered.

Why Use Neutral Ground?

Neutral Ground’s mediators are members of our local community who have taken specialized training to become certified as mediators. Our mediations are private and confidential, so you can trust that you are in great hands. We promote open and effective communication, so we can find real solutions. Our services are faster and less expensive than legal proceedings, so you will save both time and money. We offer neutrality.

This allows you to choose the outcome by making your own decisions and agreements. Finally, our mediators adhere to the Standards of Practice outlines in the Washington State Uniform Mediation Act (RCW 7.07).

Time & Cost of Mediation

With few formalities or technical requirements, most cases can be completed within a few hours. The courts generally favor the resolution of disputes through mediation; thus, court proceedings can usually be suspended at the request of the parties, to participate in mediation. Neutral Ground DRC is a non-profit organization and is partially funded by charitable contributions and client fees. The fees are determined on a sliding scale, according to each party’s income. Fees are generally only a fraction of the cost of legal proceedings. We mediate Small Claims cases at no cost to the parties involved (case number must be provided).

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