Our conciliation services offer an alternative to our Mediation services. Conciliation involves just one Mediator, who acts as a third-party facilitator in a series of productive conversations done via phone. This may be suitable for people in conflict where coming together at the same time may not be feasible, and the issues are fairly simple. This is typically not suitable for complex family disputes.

Conciliation is also a less expensive option, charged at a $50 flat rate fee (Small Claims cases remain free – must have case number issued by the WW District Court).

The process

You would first need to complete an intake interview, which is the first step for any type of conflict resolution service. Should you express interest in conciliation over mediation, our staff will use the intake data to determine whether your case meets our criteria for resolution via conciliation.


Once all pertinent information has been gathered and reviewed and all parties have agreed to participate, an appointment will be offered.


All parties must then be available by phone in a private space free of interruptions for a set window of time, as negotiations commence through phone calls with the mediator. The other involved parties do not speak directly to each other. If an agreement is reached, a written agreement in both clients’ words will be captured and signatures will be obtained. Once signed, the document has the status of a legally binding contract. Enforceability¬†will be up to the court. If an agreement is not reached, the mediator will ensure that all parties know what resources and options are available to them in moving forward.

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